Turning a negative into a positive

There is never a negative without a positive. Nor is there a positive without a negative. My “Less Said” collection uses black and white wall art and negative space to explore themes of love, race, gender, sexuality, and belonging.

Introducing the "Less Said Collection":

My focus on the areas around and between a subject forces the viewer to look at the composition differently. The paintings jump out at you, not because of the brush strokes, but due to the boldness of space around them.

Simplicity: Saying a lot with nothing

This  black and white painting  was created as a reminder that extravagance is often a smokescreen of an unsatisfied life.

When you embrace the beauty of simplicity, you accept the  understand the power that stripping away the nonessential gives you. By dismantling the weight of complexity you gain the gift of life, time and energy. 

When you strip back all the detail and remove the complexities, you are left with a life filled with meaning and show-stopping beauty. This simplicity is formed through creating a life on your terms.


It is often through simplicity that we find true happiness and satisfaction.

This painting is a message not to overcomplicate anything as the most effective result happens when we focus on making the basics strong.

Body: Understanding the Jezebel

This black and white art piece symbolizes the invisibility of black women as individuals in modern-day popular culture. As black women, we occupy a  literal negative space.  Our bodies are objectified, over-sexualized, and commodified in ways that negatively impact our physical and mental well-being.

Black women are one of the most oppressed groups in America because they possess two qualities of being a minority in race and gender. And this is having a catastrophic effect on young  Black girls who are being deprived of their innocence due to the over-sexualization of their very existence.

This false narrative is constantly perpetuated in the mainstream media, from reality TV, Hip, Hop videos, Tween movies, and soap operas. This constant objectification is demoralizing and has a detrimental effect on mental health and body image for young girls. 

This piece was created to remind the world that black women are more than just their bodies.

The Embrace

This black and white wall art was created as a celebration of true love.

Love is one of the most powerful emotions in the world and can change the course of events. When you find that right person, it does not matter what the outside world throws in your direction; together, you are more robust and can overcome adversity.

The white space in this piece depicts the pressure that relationships face. Bot internal and external. However, the key to longevity and survival is to hold on tight and never let go!

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