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I paint, I create, and I use my brush to explore the inner workings of my mind!

My name is Karen Alleyne, and I am a self-taught, emerging artist from North West London. If you were to ask me to define my style, I would say that I am an artist who works with acrylics. I like to leave definitions up to the spectator.

I do, however, enjoy creating paintings that resonate and connect with people, either through the colour and movement they embody, the stories they convey or the emotions that they evoke.

Find out  more about me and the story behind the name ” Oya Arts.”


Oya Arts presents: 

The Deliverance of Womban: The sacred passage to self.  

This intimate  collection of work is my debut exhibition and will be held at Azawala Art Gallery in Brixton on Saturday 9th November from  7:30pm .

Through a range of acrylic paintings you  are invited to explore the natural divinity of the sacred feminine and  spectators will be taken on the journey of the “Womban” who has tapped into her full power and tuned into her true authentic self. 


This exhibition showcases and celebrates this voyage and explores the relationship women have with their external and internal selves, through colour, texture, shape and movement. 



click through to view some of my latest paintings and the stories behind them.

My work is diverse and includes a range of pieces from abstract Afrocentrism to moderately erotic paintings that celebrate the beauty of the female form. It also includes politically charged depictions and works inspired by nature. The range reflects my personality, a melange of stuff!

I love to paint! You can follow my work from idea creation to the finished product via my Instagram feeds @oyaarts.



They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste. So I try to keep mine as active as possible.

My blog contains a range of my musings about  my personal  life, art, spirituality, politics , mindfulness and much more.

I hope you enjoy the journey. 



(+44) 7927 283 058


Insta: @oyaarts