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Enhance your team's productivity through innovative employee engagement ideas and creative expression.

Finding the right employee engagement ideas can be a daunting task. At Oya Arts, we bring arts into the workplace by engaging employees in hands-on creativity to stimulate communication, build teamwork, and spark innovation for effective business growth.  









Human Creativity

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As the global economy stutters toward a Covid-19 recovery, experts warn of a wave of voluntary employee resignations, dubbed the “Great Resignation.” One study estimates that 55% of the workforce in August 2021 will look for a new job in the next 12 months. More than ever, organizations need to focus on employee engagement ideas to combat the incoming wave of employee turnover.

The fact is undeniable. Employees who are engaged perform better, experience less burnout, and stay with an organization longer. Art has been proven to increase employee creativity and growth by activating the reward pathway in the brain.
Including art in skill-building and business development initiatives can help your organization foster creativity and innovation among its employees, leading to new models, products, and ways of working.

Tailoring Art With Business Objectives

At Oya Arts, we understand that while bolstering creativity is essential, it alone will not affect much business change in the long run. That is why we ensure that participants in our workshops capture arts learning and connect it to their business objectives, not just creativity. We aim to help participants reflect, discuss and plan how to turn what they learn through the arts into concrete contributions to strategies and priorities of the business. Combining arts-based learning experiences and clear application pathways leads employees to be actively engaged and involved in the right things to propel the company forward.

Our Workshops

Employee Engagment Ideas with a Twist

Online and in-person art workshops

Painting classes are more than a relaxing tool; they’re a great way to help your team, break down personal boundaries, and reconnect with their inner creative self. Producing a painting from a blank canvas is an enriching experience that helps develop innovative thinking patterns.

Drawing Challenges

These are great ways to break the ice at work retreats, monthly meetings, or kick off zoom calls. One of the most popular workshops is blindfolded painting, Where teammates work together to draw what the other person describes. It’s a great trust and communication exercise and lots of fun!

Immersive Art Experiences - Bespoke Employee Engagemnt ideas

Benjamin Franklin said

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.”

We can create bespoke immersive art experiences, based on your organizational needs. 

Case Study


We worked with a medium sized company struggling to engage their Hybrid workforce since Covid-19. The goal was to provide a creative event to get everyone to learn more about their colleagues outside of the workplace. 


Everyone has a story to tell; however, that story can often get lost in the newly emerging hybrid work environment. The human touch we once fostered through daily in-person interactions is no longer guaranteed.


The workshop encouraged the participants to share parts of themselves and their stories through visual storytelling. Everyone is much more than their work stories; we are all the product of our past, present, and aspirations for our future. Combining these experiences and narratives shapes who we are and gives us our unique personalities.


The workshop helped to identify, celebrate and capture the diversity, fun, and uniqueness of individuality. Through art and expression.It  helped participants relax, focus and establish a culture of connection.


The workshop allowed participants to discover and craft a personal story and deliver it through painting and drawing. They chose from one of the following guided themes and some explored independent forms of self-expression.


My Portrait
Participants painted a self-portrait that expressed who they were. There were no rules, and the idea was about producing a painting that showcased their “out of work”self.

My World
Participants got to paint something close to their hearts quite a few chose pets, loved ones or  their favorite hobby. whatever made them tick!

My Words
For those who did not feel comfortable picking up a paintbrush, they expressed their story through spoken word and poetry.

My Abstract
Abstract art was a fun and expressive way to showcase who they were. There were no rules, and it offered a free way to tell their story through the vibrance of color and shape. 

My Everything
For those who did not want to be confined to a particular theme combined all of the above and created an eclectic masterpiece that showcased different elements of their personalities.

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During the weeks following the training, the company experienced a 10% increase in the number of employees who chose to come back to work full-time onsite. There was also a significant increase in cross-departmental communications as people felt less compelled to work in silos.


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