The Bible says ” In the beginning, there was light” and l can’t say that this was my experience, actually mine was more like a dark cloud hovering over me. You know the type of cloud I’m referring to, ill call it the “creeper cloud” for now.

The creeper cloud appears when you’ve left your house in your best outfit with no coat and umbrella. It’s been sunny all day, but as soon as you shut your front door, it pops out of nowhere, and the heavens open up on you. You are drenched pissed off and thrown out of sync for the rest of the day. Well, that experience right there summed up my beginning.

I’ve spent over 25 years in trauma cycles, not really reaching my full potential, going along unfilled, pissed off and pretty much unhappy. Jumping from one dysfunctional relationship to another and repeating the same silly mistakes time and time again. However, I did all this with a massive smile, holding down a decent job and starting up businesses. On the surface I was “running things”, but inside I was still soaked through to the bone from that creeper cloud.

Well, this was until a couple of years ago when I began my real journey of self-discovery. I let the old bullshit go, took a long hard look in the mirror and started to do some severe self-inventory.

I’m writing this blog because I am asked daily by people what I did and how I got to the sense of peace I have today. So I have decided to write about my experiences, and this blog is about my life, what I have learnt and my current and forthcoming adventures.

This is my story; I hope you enjoy my journey.

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