First I fell in love with me, you see,
that’s really the way it’s supposed to be,
However, on this infinite journey of possibilities,
we don’t always connect to what and who we are supposed to be.

Sometimes we put the horse before the cart,
turn around and look for others to fulfil our heart,
We jump from mental place to place,
from physical bed to bed in this external love race.

That’s until there has been enough said
and your soul kills that self-talk and destructive behaviour dead
You wake up one day and realise your worth and purpose
that’s when who you are and where you are supposed to be, starts to resurface.

Then I met you, unexpectedly, when I was happy just doing and loving me
You crossed my path so nonchalantly
and love me the way I am supposed to be
Hard, honestly, real and intensely
You show me what this love language is meant to be

You project my inner sense of self, leaving me feeling beautiful, loved, adored, special, safe and secure
I am on fire sitting on top of the world
with a love like this that creates new vibrations and levels of equilibrium

Life is one big set of synchronicities 
and coincidences are for those who are not and refuse to be free
See you were put on this earth to love me and me to love you
However, self-doubt and understanding were blocking the view

Because in order for me to be where I am supposed to be
I had to let go of the past and all my negative thoughts had to flee
In order for me to love you and you to love me
I had to believe in me and exactly where I am supposed to be.

I love you

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