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There is a dichotomy between the hypervisibility of black female sexuality in popular culture and the invisibility of systematic oppression we encounter in everyday life. This painting uses negative space to provoke discussion about how our bodies are objectified, sexualized, and commodified and asks the viewer to consider the effects of these depictions on black women.

At first, the focus is drawn to her body. However, upon closer inspection, you discover that the truth lies in the subject’s surrounding area. The negative space makes the painting stand out; it fills in the gaps and creates the total picture. 

The composition showcases the simplicity of how the black female experience works and how Invisibility is a fundamental aspect of our experience in a White-dominated society. Viewers are invited to question the portrayals of black womanhood they encounter and examine how misrepresentation and lack of diverse black voices influence their unconscious biases.

Simplicity calls for the re-centering of the Black woman in everyday consciousness. 




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Acrylic on Canvas 24″x48″

Only available in the USA

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