Original Art By

Karen Caldwell

Enrich Your Space With Artful Elegance

Welcome to our online art gallery, where creativity knows no bounds and the extraordinary world of original abstract and abstract acrylic paintings unfolds before you. Here, we invite you to explore a curated collection that celebrates the boundless expressions of artists who dare to push the boundaries of convention. Each canvas serves as a portal to a realm where lines blur, colors collide, and the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

Abstract Figurative

Explore our abstract figurative collection, showcasing vibrant canvases that amplify untold stories from an Afro-feminine perspective, celebrating resilience and empowerment through art..


The abstract collection weaves vibrant stories of the African Diaspora, bridging past, present, and future. Through art, explore shared experiences and diverse narratives, celebrating resilience and unity. Each canvas embodies this rich heritage’s journeys, struggles, and triumphs.

Artwork Under $500

Unlock affordable artistry! Explore a curated collection of stunning artworks, all under $500. Elevate your space with budget-friendly creativity. Visit us today and find your perfect piece

Large Artwork

Immerse yourself in the world of oversized artistry! Discover awe-inspiring artworks exceeding 30 inches in size. Elevate your space with grandeur and make a statement in your decor. Visit us to experience art on a larger scale!


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