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Sunday 27th June 12 PM CST, 1 PM EST, 6pm BST 

Join the Global Party!

Join us for a paint and sip like no other. Have you ever looked at a painting and wished that you could create something like that? Do you love art, but unsure where to start when sitting in front of a blank canvas? Well now you can put all those worries aside and join  a fun group who love to paint and have fun 

We get together on Zoom  for a paint and sip where I will teach you the basics of colour mixing and  walk you each step you need to produce your own personal creation in the comfort of your own home.

The classes are suitable for all levels. So if you are new to painting or a seasoned artist, you will have fun on your own artistic journey whilst trying something new.

There is only one rule and that is to have fun! So you bring your drinks and I’ll bring the creative vibes and we will have one great big global party!

What You Will Need

CANVAS -  11"  x 14"  - or as close as possible

PAINT BRUSHES - small , medium and large round brush 


Dark blue - ultramarine

Light blue - Cerulean

Blue/Green - Cyan, Tourquise, Teal ( optional, we can mix, but this is a nice to have)

Bright Pink -fuchsia or neon

Yellow - Mid or canary




Purple ( optional as we can mix this)

Mixing tray

Old rag

Pot of water

Canvas or canvas board

Chalk - optional but works better than a pencil

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