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Join The Global Party

We get together on Zoom  for a paint & sip where I will teach you the basics of colour mixing and  walk you each step you need to produce your own personal creation in the comfort of your own home.

The classes are suitable for all levels. So if you are new to painting or a seasoned artist, you will have fun on your own artistic journey whilst trying something new.

There is only one rule and that is to have fun! So you bring your drinks and I’ll bring the creative vibes and we will have one great big global party!

Starter Paint set

You can  purchase a full painting kit.  I recommend this one

Want To Buy item Separately?

Acrylic Paints

Colors are announced for each individual session. Signup to the mailing list above to get up to date class listings to your inbox. 


A table easel is a nice to have but not a necessity


 11″ x 14″ or 12” x 16”

Paint Brushes

Small, medium and large, round and square-edged if possible

Paint Pallet

You do not have to buy a paint pallet you can use a tray, paper plate, or a piece of cardboard and cover it with foil!

Previous Sessions

Suitable for All levels

3 Hours

Take a look at the gallery below to view some of the amazing pieces of art created. 

Enjoy the Fun In Person

If you want to bring the paint & sip vibes to your own event, we run a range of in person events for you to enjoy.  

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