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The Covid19 Pandemic has caused employers worldwide to realize the importance of investing in workplace wellness solutions. With more companies adopting hybrid working styles, employee wellbeing is increasing on companies’ agendas.

Wellness and wellbeing in the workplace: Your bottom line

The 2022 State of Workforce Mental Health report published in corporate wellness magazine found that 31 percent of workers surveyed said their mental health had declined over the past year. Employees also reported more stress, anxiety, burnout, and depression, with anxiety growing by 14 percent compared to 2020.

Investing in workplace wellness programs reduces health-related costs and absenteeism and increases satisfaction, employee engagement, and productivity. A happy workforce is a healthy workforce, and prioritizing wellness in a workplace, and your employee’s health will go a long way toward motivating and engaging them.  

Harvard Business Review cites a study by Towers Watson and the National Business Group on Health that shows organizations with highly effective wellness programs report significantly lower absenteeism attrition than do those whose programs have low effectiveness (9% vs. 15%). 

Workplace wellness workshops Oya Arts
Small Business and workplace wellness Oya Arts

Small Businesses and workplace wellbeing

According to recent statistics from the National Small Business Association (NSBA), 93 percent of small businesses place a high value on employee health and agree that it is crucial to their business’ success. Despite this, only 22 percent offer wellness programs due to high entrance costs to implementation.

Workplace Wellness Ideas

Making workplace well-being programs accessible to all

At Oya Arts, we understand the business challenges SMEs and Enterprise organizations face; that is why we offer customized immersive art and wellness programs to fit a range of budgets. 

Our art-based workshops include but are not limited to:

Guided painting sessions: Aimed at helping people cope with stress and uncertainty; through mindful art techniques, we promote balancing work, life, and emotions through art.

Team building workshops include blindfolded team drawings, group jigsaw puzzles, giant abstract creations, and much more. The aim is to get teams to create and connect through artistic communications. 

Innovative Thinking Sessions: In these workshops, we use various mindful art practices and visual thinking strategies to encourage participants to engage in self-exploration to enhance creativity and work productivity.

Diversity and Inclusion workshops: In these sessions, we incorporate art with storytelling to build empathy, improve and establish relationships, bolster cultural understanding, challenge stereotypes, and encourage open-mindedness.

Mindfulness workshops: We will provide meditative art exercises that promote calm and peace. These classes are a great way to improve self-awareness, reduce anxiety, improve self-compassion and cope with stress and uncertainty. The goal is to promote balance in life, work, li, and emotions through art. 

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