Becoming One

The last five years have been a complete journey, and I have learned more about myself in this time than in any other period of my life

The painting

Getting rid of physical and mental contaminants in my life was one of the most significant turning points. It was a weight off my shoulders, and I could explore things I hadn’t been able to do before. 

My latest work, “Becoming One.” 16′ X 24″ Acrylic on Canvas conveys the intensity of finding that internal connection with yourself. I have used negative space to illustrate how you can become one with your surroundings by meditating in a place of complete peace, love, balance, harmony, and, more importantly, self-acceptance.

The Importance Of Symbolism

My paintings are hardly ever what they seem. If you look closely at them, you will notice some hidden meaning, and “ Becoming One” is no exception. I often incorporate the number three in my paintings; in this instance, I chose to represent the number in the shape of a triangle. 


The Meaning of the Triangle and self-actualization 


The triangle represents manifestation, enlightenment, revelation, and a higher perspective. In many cultures, it expresses the process of growth that leads to higher states of being. In spirituality, it represents the path to enlightenment or a connection with an omnipresent being. 


Triangles are energy-directing shapes, and in this painting, it points to the sky, indicating a kind of spiritual ascension. Additionally, it represents the three aspects of our being that must be balanced- Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Take A Closer Look

Looking closely, you will notice more than one triangle in the painting. We discussed earlier how the upward-facing triangle represents our aspiration for divinity. Now you will see that there are also downward-facing triangles representing the earth or the divine. I have taken the two elements of The Seal of Solomon and physically separated them in this painting.

The meaning behind the Banana Leaves

Banana leaves are traditionally associated with fertility and prosperity in West African beliefs.  Rather than representing fertility in the biological sense of the word, I chose this symbol to emphasize the notion of mental fertility. As women, so much emphasis is placed on our reproductive role in society. Those who don’t ascribe to the position of motherhood by choice or circumstance are seen as incomplete females.  In fact, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me when I would have kids, my husband and I would already be mortgage-free in our beachfront home!

Embracing, loving, and standing in conviction about my choices were part of my journey. It can be challenging to do this when everyone is trying to push back and figure out who you are and how you could be happy without being a part of the status quo. 

As a result, I thought it was important to showcase that a woman can be physically, mentally, and spiritually balanced in her mind, body, and soul with just herself.

” Becoming One” represents the power of self-love, peace, acceptance, happiness, and manifestation.

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