A Sabi

A Sabi

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Acrylic on Canvas 32 x 38cm. Please use the form below to contact me


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Price on Request

Acrylic on Canvas 32 x 38cm

At first glance, this looks like a confusing mix of west African symbolism. The obvious kente cloth followed by the less obvious ori face paint and the title from Sierra Leone.

However, she is the embodiment of the Caribbean. An amazing melting pot of her ancestors from West Africa, who gave us the Caribbean that we know today.

Taking her strength and wisdom from the combination of her heritage
She has remnants of Akan Guang, Ga, Gbe and Yoruba in her Caribbean patios and embraces the plurality of her creole identity.

“A Sabi” is a reminder of the strength we possess if we not only know where we came from but how it shapes us into who we are today.

To be whole is to know yourself in your entirety.

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A Sabi

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