Team Building Activities Your Remote Team Will Love


Now more than ever is the time to get creative with your teams, whip out a paintbrush and a canvas, and connect through the medium of art. The arts have long been recognized for their power to heal and provide a calming effect during times of change. Let’s face it, 2020 has been one big change fest! Not only does painting offer the mental break from the isolation of the mew virtual work routine it also helps to clear their minds of the suffocating strategic, financial, and operational demands that are part and parcel of organizational life.


Oya Arts offers a range of corporate packages. From the traditional guided painting class to a virtual paint party, where we kick the session off with some fun drinking games, set to the backdrop of a party starting soundtrack! 

You can either choose from one of the session paintings below, or I can create a bespoke one just for you!

Purple Passion Paint Party

Duration: 3 Hours

We start with a Musical drinking game to get the mood flowing. We then move on to painting. Then we end with a group toast to celebrate the achievements!

A Sultry Night Meditation

Duration: 2 Hours 30 Mins

We start this chilled out session with a short meditation before moving into the guided painting session.

How to Paint a Peacock

Duration: 3 Hours

Lady of the Night

Duration - 3 Hours

Beach Day in Barbados

Duration: 2 Hours 30 Mins

Sahara Scene

Duration: 3 Hours

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