De more yuh peep, de less yuh see

De more yuh peep, de less yuh see


This unframed print is available in a range of sizes, with options for matt or no matt.  It is expertly printed on acid-free archival fine art paper, ensuring its longevity and quality.

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“De more yuh peep, de less yuh see”

This print is inspired by a Bajan phrase that carries a profound and thought-provoking message. The phrase suggests that the more you observe or scrutinize something, the less you may truly understand or perceive its essence. In other words, excessive analysis or fixation on surface appearances can lead to a diminished understanding of
The three faces in the painting represent different aspects of humanity or different perspectives within society. Each face symbolizes a unique identity, experience, or personality, reflecting the diversity among individuals.

The painting encourages viewers to contemplate the limitations of perception and the potential issues of over-analyzing. The title serves as a gentle reminder that sometimes, true understanding comes from embracing the mysterious and accepting that not everything can be fully grasped or explained.
“De more yuh peep, de less yuh see” delves into the complexities of human perception and understanding. It invites viewers to step beyond the obvious, appreciate the diversity of human experiences, and acknowledge that genuine comprehension often lies beyond the surface of things.

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5"x7" matted, 8"x10", 8"10 matted, 11"x14", 11"x14" matted, 16"x20"

De more yuh peep, de less yuh see