My name is Karen and I am a self-taught artist from London. My work explores the beauty and complexity of the African Diaspora and is inspired by the time I spent living between Barbados and the UK, which allows me to express the duality of my identity through a postmodern lens.

My artwork delves, shifts, manipulates, interrogates and pushes the boundaries of identity in a post-modern world and examines how they relate to the diaspora from a woman’s perspective.

My journey is an interesting one and after painting for fun and posting my work across social media, I started to gain some real interest  from people across the world and that is when my self-label started to shift from “ Karen who likes to paint” to “Karen the artist”




 And as soon as I resigned my internal label and looked at myself as an artist, the roller coaster of fun-filled journeys began, demand for my paintings grew and Oya Arts was formed. I literally spoke my future into existence and as soon as I started to vocalise positive vibes, some serious blessings outcomes started to come my way

In the short space of two years, I have gone from painting in my bedroom to working on a range of exciting projects and commissions for clients in the UK, USA, and Caribbean.

If you asked me five years ago, where I would be today, I could have only dreamed to have this answer, so I am so grateful that I get to live my passion everyday. 


Oya is one of the most powerful African Goddesses (Orishas). A Warrior-Queen, much of Oya’s power is rooted in the natural world; She is the Goddess of thunder, lightning, tornadoes, winds, rainstorms and hurricanes. A Fire Goddess, it is Oya who brings rapid change and aids us in both inner and outer transformation. Oya is the protectress of women and patron of feminine leadership. Fiercely loving, She is wildly unpredictable, passionate, fearless, sensual and independent.

My art just like Oya, is here to evoke change  challenge perceptions, stereotypes and promote self love and care.  

My name is Karen Alleyne, I am a London based artist who specialise in Acrylic on Canvas painting. My work explores the plurality and complexity of the African diaspora in all of it’s forms.

My work looks at the concept of identity but also space and how we react and identify with the natural world around us. The eclectic mix of my work, in itself challenges the concept of afrocentric art and the entire juxtaposition   of my art is centered around change and shift.