The Singing Duppies – Framed, Acrylic on Canvas

The Singing Duppies – Framed, Acrylic on Canvas


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“12” x “12” Framed Original Acrylic canvas painting with pallet knife


“The Singing Duppies” marks the beginning of a captivating painting series that delves into the rich tapestry of Caribbean folklore. Rooted in my Barbadian heritage, this painting explores the folklore of the duppie, presenting these restless spirits as entities embodying both mischief and guidance.

Duppies are essentially ghosts known to disrupt and haunt specific locations, roaming the islands of the Caribbean, particularly under the cover of night. Legends tell of duppies seeking retribution against those who have wronged them in their previous lives.

While duppies are typically associated with hauntings and malevolence, there exist intriguing accounts that unveil their benevolent side. These stories depict duppies as ancestral figures or guardian spirits, dutifully watching over their living descendants, offering guidance, protection, and even assistance when needed.

The Singing Duppie ventures into this realm, urging viewers to reassess their perceptions and explore the complexities of their own encounters and interpretations of these supernatural beings.”

The Singing Duppies – Framed, Acrylic on Canvas