11″x14″ Framed Acyrlic On Canvas Painting.


“Perfidy” – Acrylic on Canvas (11″x14″).

“Perfidy” is a captivating visual metaphor, encapsulating the themes of resilience and deception. This thought-provoking artwork delves into the intricate dynamics of surrendering to oppressive systems while concealing an inner strength and determination.

In this painting, the raised hands symbolize surrender, reflecting vulnerability imposed by societal pressures. However, a closer look reveals a subtle nuance in the subject’s expression—a gaze filled with resilience, fortitude, and strategic cunning.

“Perfidy” invites viewers to contemplate the ingenious strategies employed by marginalized communities as they navigate oppressive structures. It sheds light on the art of survival, where individuals may appear compliant on the surface while secretly plotting to undermine the very systems that seek to subjugate them.

Through this artwork, I sought to explore the complexities of resistance and unveil the power of strategic deception as a means of reclaiming agency within oppressive circumstances. It challenges observers to question imposed narratives and recognize the ingenuity of those who navigate systems designed to silence them.

Ultimately, “Perfidy” serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring strength and resilience of individuals who, against all odds, find ways to resist, subvert, and transcend the limitations placed upon them. For inquiries, please direct message me.