This is the standing bow pose or dandayamana Dhanurasana in bikramy oga. As an expressive posture, it can release emotional stress from the tissues of the body, helping with any inner emotional issues or conflict.

It is an asana which leaves you feeling strong and proud, yet vulnerable and open.

This pose is associated with opening the anahata (heart) chakra. The chest stretches and opens, increasing the flow of prana to this fourth chakra you feel more open, loving and connected with all beings.

This pose is the epitome of mental strength, balance and control.


She is the original womban of the earth and her spirit is at one with the natural elements

Thorough this divine connect with the world she embodies Strength beauty and grace.



Another piece inspired by my love of yoga.


For all those women who over think things and torture themselves.

For all those women who strive for perfection to the point of self-sabotage.

For all those women who are plagued with past experiences that they just can’t shift. 
Hold a meditation, clear your mind and find freedom within 



This piece is dedicated to all sisters who have ever struggled with their inner demons. For those who are fighting against the fog and for those who have come through the other side.

Everything is temporary and permanent is just a state of mind x


So many people ask me why I start the majority of my work from a black canvas and I tell them its symbolic.

When working from a black canvas you have to work twice as hard to get the colours to pop and flow in the same way as a white canvas. However, once you do, the end product is so powerful, strong, unique and stands out. Not only do the colours pop but they own the room. 
It’s symbolic of the story and journey of many people in the African diaspora. We have to work twice as hard to be noticed but when we get there, believe me, we are gonna own that space in a way that makes some serious impact, turns has and changes history. 


Then I met you, unexpectedly, when I was happy just doing and loving me
You crossed my path so nonchalantly
and love me the way I am supposed to be
Hard, honestly, real and intensely
You show me what this love language is meant to be

You project my inner sense of self, leaving me feeling beautiful, loved, adored ,special, safe and secure
I am on fire sitting on top of the world
with a love like this that creates new vibrations and levels of equilibrium

Life is one big set of synchronicities 
and coincides are for those who are not and refuse to be free
See you were put on this earth to love me and me to love you
However, self-doubt and understanding were blocking the view

Because in order for me to be where I am supposed to be
I had to let go of the past and all my negative thoughts had to flee
In order for me to love you and you to love me
I had to believe in me and exactly where I am supposed to be.

I love you

First I fell in love with me, you see,
that’s really the way it’s supposed to be,
However, on this infinite journey of possibilities,
we don’t always connect to what and who we are supposed to be.

Sometimes we put the horse before the cart,
turn around and look for others to fulfil our heart,
We jump from mental place to place,
from physical bed to bed in this external love race.

That’s until there has been enough said
and your soul kills that self-talk and destructive behaviour dead
You wake up one day and realise your worth and purpose
that’s when who you are and where you are supposed to be, starts to resurface.




Your gliding through life trying to find your flow,

Little do you know, that you have some way to go,

Your heading down a road with a number of turns

Your mind tells you one thing and your body yearns,

For something different, it is calling you to go

But if you follow it, you will not grow

Growth and freedom are your end goals

but your flesh is distracting you, with the intention of making you revert to old 

as you let go to the binds of the past that kept you low

your mind starts to become free, and it’s then that you begin to find your flow.