Journey to Acceptance

Journey to Acceptance


Acrylic on 18” x 24” deep edge canvas

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As women, we travel so many roads, wear so many hats and have so many expectations thrust upon us. Some are external and some of those expectations we inflict on ourselves. However one of the biggest stumbling blocks to self-acceptance is time. 

As women, we are conditioned to play cat and mouse with time. We race against aesthetics,  societal, employment and biological clocks. We are told to get our education and focus on our careers, not to have kids too young, but we must have them before 35. We have to be careful what age we go for that promotion, as a woman in her early 30’s is deemed as a risk to any employer and we should get married before we are 40!

In “A Journey to Acceptance” she has taken a  moment, to pause and take a look at the clock that has been taunting her all her life. She hasn’t reached the milestones that she thought she would have at her age. However, she is slowly coming to accept her own personal journey and is making peace with it by asking her self “are these really my milestones or are they someone else’s?”

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Journey to Acceptance

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