Model Number: Awoken-
30 X 20 CM

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There are several stages of the spiritual awakening process. This painting captures the most difficult part of the entire journey. This phase is not a walk in the park. You don’t just wake up one day enlightened” it’s a process that puts you through your paces, pulls you through the mill and replants you as a different person.

There is a push-pull between staying awake and closing your eyes. There is a fear of what will happen if you continue on the path of awakening. You are at the point of leaping into the unknown. Things around your start to crumble. Your beliefs, the way you have lived your life, all start to become meaningless or mistaken. You start to feel stuck and bewildered. The ground you are walking on suddenly feels shaky, you know if you continue it will implode. At this stage, many people go back to sleep, but those who continue, begin to transform.

Suddenly there is no satisfaction in your life. You feel alone and lost; you start to question- “Who am I?”

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