Oya Arts Events

Oya Arts Events

On- Demand Marketing fundamentals Course

$99 USD / £70

As creative entrepreneurs, we often overlook the basics of branding when trying to market our product or service. We put our attention on our social media following, website visits and wonder why the awareness of our work and sales are not where they should be. It is so tempting to skip hanker for results without putting in the work to lay down the foundations.

During this workshop,  you will learn the steps you need to creative n effective, strong, and cohesive brand that will help you stand out from your competitors. 

During this hour and a half interactive  session you will engage with a range of exercises that will help you:   

  • Understand your brand’s position in the marketplace
  • Develop and hone your brand voice  
  • Understand the steps you need to conduct effective Competitor analysis 
  • Identify your target audience(s) and create useful personas 
  • Developing your visual identity

How to Book

This is an on-demand course, which means that it can be taken at a time that suits you. Unlike many courses available on the market at the moment, you will not get a pre-recording, as the workshop will be run in real-time. 

This makes it fun and interactive and you can stop and ask me questions at any time!

You will also receive a copy of the presentation and the recording for you to follow up and apply what you have learned to your business.

All you have to do is pick a time below that you are free for a quick chat. This is so that I can understand your needs and tailor the content of the course to suite your individual or business needs.

Fundraising Exhibition

I’m excited to announce that I will be exhibiting 4 paintings at the @ArtSplash Centre from Friday 4th June!
The event is being held by the Barbados Art Collective and will raise funds for our brothers and sisters in St Vincent.
All pieces will be priced between $60-$450 BDS.

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Concentration Improvement Art Classes for Kids

These mobile sessions are based on the framework of rewarding periods of concentration with freedom of expression. The paintings chosen are split into two sections.

The first layers require the utmost concentration and attention to detail. This is then rewarded by allowing the children to finish their painting using a more liberal painting technique where they are encouraged to be free with their colors and brush strokes.

$30 BDS per child for a 2-hour session*

Please note: Discounts are available for larger groups of children. Contact me for bespoke pricing.


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