This one is called “King”. It was the first in a series that explores black masculinity and identity. The media does an amazing job of polarising the black male and I hope to challenge some of these stereotypes through this line of work.

In this painting, he has gone through a journey of self-development, gained personal insight and learned to love himself through the lens that he has created for himself, not the one given to him by the outside world. His self-talk is positive and his past experiences shape the lives of others in a spiritual way. His presence evokes change at a personal and grassroots level.


Before you were stereotyped by your black hypermasculinity you were kings, rulers, conquers and leaders.

You marched elephants over the Alps and invaded Italy.

Before they labelled you as “kush” smokers and dealers you were kings and prince’s of the kingdom that conquered Ancient Egypt, the same Egypt that Roman Scholars learnt from. 

Before you were employees you were world traders, trading with the native Americans and Amerindians before anyone from Europe even knew that part of the works existed. Hell, you took Columbus there and showed him the way.

Before your “dreadlocks” were associated with weed smoking and unemployment they were a sign of spirituality & the mark of warriors, i see nothing ” dread” about that.

Before the west decided to write your story this was your reality. You were King’s then and your kings now.