I will never forget how I felt when I found my old Record of Achievement and realized that I had achieved my childhood dream. (Well, kind of) Anyone who doesn’t know what a record of achievement is is a document you fill out in high school that summarizes your life plans, ambitions, and hopes. Even though it was a fun exercise, I never imagined it would come true (but we’ll talk more about that  later. )

Thirty years later, I am sitting on a beach in Barbados, planning my next exhibition in America. 

Living My Dreams

So what were my High School Dreams? 

I wanted to be a fashion designer who traveled the world creating. Even though I am not currently featured on London fashion week’s catwalks, I am an internationally known artist who lives, paints, and exhibits in America, Barbados, and London. So my dreams were answered in a roundabout manner.

The purpose of my blog is to offer insight into my life and share with you the simple and complex experiences that inspire my art. my writings will reveal the challenges and joys that inspire my creativity and offer a window to my soul.

The last two years have been a rollercoaster for everyone, including myself. I’ve experienced extreme lows due to the loss of my father and the most significant high when I married the love of my life. What you will find in the blog is the voice of a 40-year-old woman who lives grounded in spirituality, nature, and art and who appreciates, embraces, and learns from the array of experiences that life throws at her.

Every aspect of life is impacted by art: joy, sorrow, love, and pain.

I hope you find my musings engaging, insightful, fun, inspirational, and maybe even helpful. While this blog will cover various topics, the core themes will remain the same: authenticity, reinvention, and acceptance. As you read my stories, you will understand why those concepts are important.

For now, I hope you enjoy the journey.

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