Abstract figurative art, where every brushstroke defies convention and invites a new perspective.

“At the heart of this collection lies my unique multi-color mosaic technique, a deliberate departure from the confines of natural skin tones. This artistic choice transcends the ordinary, purposefully urging viewers to grasp the true soul of each subject, free from the trappings of ethnicity-based judgments. Step into a realm where the genuine essence of individuals takes center stage, encouraging a deeper connection that goes beyond the surface and into the realm of pure humanity.”

This artwork is a testament to the fusion of human growth, experience, and the eternal flow of time. Rooted in the intricate connection between time and wisdom, it portrays a poised woman as the embodiment of both. With a graceful presence against a vibrant backdrop, she symbolizes the seamless integration of wisdom into every moment. The clock’s hands amid cosmic swirls emphasize the interplay, while abstract motifs transcend time, reflecting life’s diverse experiences. Flecks of gold embody wisdom’s priceless value. “Time Gave Her Wisdom and Wisdom Gave Her Time” intricately weaves these elements, inviting contemplation on personal growth and life’s journey, illustrating how each moment contributes to the masterpiece of the human spirit.


The revered Akan deity, Asase Yaa, epitomizes fertility and abundance. Often depicted as a nurturing woman, her belly symbolizes life-giving powers. This artwork reimagines her as a modern mother, embodying vitality and hope, particularly for those facing infertility. She also becomes an environmental guardian, urging sustainable choices. By modernizing Asase Yaa’s essence, this piece honors earth’s abundance, motherhood, and sustainability, offering solace to those on the path to parenthood and underscoring our responsibility to safeguard our planet.

Her Thought Pattern” represents my exploration of the intricate tapestry of human cognition and the transformative power of art. Through the use of patterns, visual metaphors, and personal reflection, I sought to create a thought-provoking piece that invites viewers to contemplate the interplay between life experiences and the formation of self.